Reconnection in Benin


I'am bringing all my fathers back, I am bringing all my mothers back. I am going home.

People who can see my ancestors are waiting for us with warm care and open arms. Combing our hair, bathing us with herbs, nourishing us, enjoying being with us.


Together with them we honour the brave ones, the fighters, the survivers. In tears, we will sing for our parents and for ourselves.


Through these doors, through this love, through these hands and never ending wisdom, we will return. Closed hearts will open and peace will enter as a small butterfly ready to discover his new identity.


We will take our bags, our planes, our trains and our walking sticks.

When we go back to our wifes, men, children, obligations and responsibilities, we carry something within us.



We know where we come from and we walk forward towards the sun, with 3000 ancestors behind us.